Uses for Two Way Radios

Creative Ways to Use Walkie-Talkies

If you think that walkie talkies are just for security guards, you better think again. Two-way radios are perfect tools for communication. If you haven't tried using them in your activities, check out the ideas below and perhaps you might consider getting a pair of radios one day.

Monitoring Your Kids

If you have small kids at home, you surely want to monitor them. Having a two-way radio can make this task easier, because you can easily contact them when you want to know what they are up to. The good thing about such radios is that you don't need to spend too much on phone credits, plus your kids may find them interesting compared to regular telephone calls.

Supervising Your Kids on Class Trips

As a parent, it's normal to feel a little protective over your kids. Conversely, that doesn't mean that you have to breathe into their necks. You can use a two-way radio to check on them while you are seeing other places within the class trip site. Your children will surely feel more comfortable knowing that you trust them to have fun with their classmates. They will also feel more secure knowing that they can contact you anytime or in case something happens. It's a cool and smart way to be a parent to your kids without hassling them about your presence.

Sending Meaningful Messages

If you want to say sweet nothings or send your apologies to your partner, you can take the extra mile and do something special. Instead of sending her a simple text message, you can give her a card, a bunch of roses or a teddy bear with a walkie talkie. As soon as she speaks into the receiver, you can then tell her your meaningful thoughts and let her keep the radio so you two can communicate after that. It's a great way to impress a woman and probably something that she can brag to her friends once in a while.

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Camping Trips

Getting lost in the woods is something that most people don't want to experience. Of course, you wouldn't want to be subject to the uncertainties that you might encounter inside woodlands. You surely wouldn't want your kids or your loved ones to experience such when going on a trip. You can use radios to monitor each other, especially if you not sure of the trails. It's one way to make search easier, particularly when one gets lost.

Setting-up Special Occasions

Whether you are planning to propose or give a surprise birthday party, transmitters can come in handy. Research shows that most successful proposals happen not just because women are surprised with what their boyfriends did for them. They are also moved by the outputs of seamless plans that not all guys can do. If you want to prove to your partner that she is special and you want to get that much awaited yes, use a two way radio to ensure everything goes according to your plan.