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What Needs to be Considered when Choosing a Gaming Laptop

Currently there are many different kinds of laptops that are advertised as gaming laptops, with the New info Technology from a product that has released a gaming laptop with an update from the previous version, so an information is very important to find out how great the latest products are released next. Of course, even that was added with cheap frills. Yes, it’s also understandable if later laptops with the ability to play middle class games are then widely advertised or at least have the ability to be a separate selling point of the laptop in question.

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US senator implores UK legislators to ban Huawei from telecoms networks

In an impassioned address to a House of Lord select committee, US senator Tom Cotton has warned the UK Parliament that the country’s continued usage of Huawei in telecoms networks could not only threaten the UK’s national defence but also potentially damage intelligence relations between the US and UK.

The usage of Huawei kit in the UK’s networks has been a political hot potato since July 2019 when in its Telecoms supply chain review report, the UK government asked the country’s National Cyber Security Council (NCSC) to consider issuing guidance to UK telecoms operators in relation to companies regarded

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Sodinokibi data auctions highlight changing criminal tactics

The cyber criminal gang behind the Sodinokibi or ReVIL ransomware is making good on its threat to auction off the data it has stolen in various recent attacks – including legal documents stolen from a New York celebrity law firm – on the dark web, piling extra pressure on its victims.

The Sodinokibi group used its dark web site, The Happy Blog, to begin the auctions earlier this week, taking online bids from interested parties.

At the time of writing, the group was understood to be auctioning confidential data from two different victims, one a food distributor and the

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Security procurement framework goes live for NHS and public sector

NHS organisations and other public sector bodies, including emergency services, local authorities and schools, will be able to access cyber security services, including risk management, incident response and recovery, consultancy and personnel, from a range of 25 suppliers through the Cyber Security Services Framework, which launches today.

The free-to-access procurement framework was developed by NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) with support from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to address the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC’s) security agenda, and complement services that can already be bought via NHS Digital’s Data Security Centre.

“The launch of

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