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What Needs to be Considered when Choosing a Gaming Laptop

Currently there are many different kinds of laptops that are advertised as gaming laptops, with the New info Technology from a product that has released a gaming laptop with an update from the previous version, so an information is very important to find out how great the latest products are released next. Of course, even that was added with cheap frills. Yes, it’s also understandable if later laptops with the ability to play middle class games are then widely advertised or at least have the ability to be a separate selling point of the laptop in question.

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UK workers struggle to unplug from ‘new normal’ at home

British employees working from home due to Covid-19 are overloaded with digital tools and it’s impacting their ability to switch off, according to the findings of a new study by cloud communications platform provider 8×8.

The research surveyed 1,000 people working full-time from home since the pandemic hit, and as well as highlighting technology usage and productivity, raised concerns about the mental state of the workforce as the country enters month three of enforced working from home. It also highlighted the continuing need for employers to ensure staff at risk of burnout are properly supported.

A majority (62%) of

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Startups face tough decisions as coronavirus hits

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May-July 2020

CW Nordics: Startups face tough decisions as coronavirus hits

Tech startups based in the Nordic region face difficult decisions as the Covid-19 pandemic leads to falling sales and investment. Also read why Swedbank is rebuilding its anti-money laundering systems, and how Nordic fintechs are developing apps to prevent more adults getting into financial difficulty.

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Nominations open for Most Influential Women in UK Technology 2020

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Computer Weekly list of the most influential women in UK technology.

Computer Weekly, in partnership with Mortimer Spinks, assembles the list each year to recognise the accomplishments of women in the UK tech sector and to make them more visible and accessible as role models in the space.

Now in its ninth year, the original list in 2012 only recognised 25 women, and has now grown to shine a light on 50 women in each year.

After initial nominations are received, a group of expert judges use criteria such as achievements, potential,

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