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  • MPs set sights on Huawei in 5G security probe

    Despite the government passing regulations that would permit so-called high-risk foreign technology suppliers’ products to be used in the “access” part of UK mobile networks, if not the core, MPs have announced the formation of a sub-committee to probe the security of 5G networks.

    Set up by the Commons Defence Committee, the inquiry will focus on the use and security of equipment in 5G networks supplied by foreign companies. It name checks explicitly Chinese telecoms supplier Huawei, whose products and services are already used by the UK’s leading telecoms and network providers.

    The issue dates back to July 2019

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  • MI5 slammed by watchdog for failing to delete intercepted phone and internet data

    A watchdog has criticised MI5 for unlawfully storing and accessing data about people’s telephone and internet activities.

    The Security Service failed to inform the Office of the Investigatory Powers Commissioner of serious “compliance risks” for at least a year after it became aware of them, a report the Investigatory Powers Commissioner reveals.

    MI5 showed “serious deficiencies” in meeting legal requirements to limit sharing of intercepted phone, email and web browser data and to destroy it when it was no longer needed, the Investigatory Powers Commissioner said yesterday.

    MI5 collects bulk data on the population’s phone calls, phone location, email and

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  • Winners announced for the 2020 FDM everywoman in Technology awards

    Winners of the 2020 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards have been announced, after an event in London designed to showcase women in the technology industry.

    The annual awards, sponsored by professional services provider FDM Group and run in partnership with the Tech She Can Charter, aim to raise awareness of the achievements of women in the technology sector.

    Emphasising that the lack of visible and accessible female role models is one of the reasons young women don’t choose a career in tech, everywoman co-founder Maxine Benson said sharing stories about women already in

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