• 7 key points of VPS hosting that can help you improve your business website

    When hosting a new website for your business in India, you might face the same dilemma if you choose the right server for it. You don’t have many files, but you don’t want to have limited resources. You might want to spend a limited amount of resources without sacrificing performance. In such a scenario, we recommend that you relax and think again. Because there is only information about what your hosting really needs and why.

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  • Nokia lights up Rakuten network, flies with Irish Aviation Authority

    In a double whammy for Nokia, Japanese operator Rakuten Mobile is to deploy the Finnish tech firm’s photonic mesh mobile backhaul network for its 4G and 5G networks, and the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has turned to Nokia to upgrade its air traffic control communications network to support migration from legacy services.

    Japan’s newest mobile carrier, Rakuten Mobile is to launch what it claims is the world’s first end-to-end fully virtualised cloud-native 5G mobile network. The mobile network will be built on a nationwide optical infrastructure covering all 47 prefectures throughout Japan and supporting backhaul and datacentre interconnect applications.


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  • Fintech workers called to share their experiences of microaggression

    Workers in the fintech industry can share their experiences of microaggresion at work as part of a study that attempts to fill a gap in understanding workplace culture, which can often be damaging.

    InChorus, which collects data through a web app to help businesses create more inclusive workplaces, has launched a website to allow fintech workers to anonymously log incidents of microaggresion in their workplaces.

    Microaggressions, which include insulting slights and snubs, are often overlooked as a problem as businesses focus on more serious incidents.

    InChorus co-CEO Rosie Turner said incidents such as these are subtle and often fall through

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  • Omission of IR35 from chancellor’s speech sparks fury from contracting groups

    The government’s failure to use today’s Spring Budget to call a halt to the incoming IR35 tax avoidance reforms could pave the way for “no-rights employment” to become the norm across UK PLC in the years to come, it is feared.

    The lead up to the event, which saw the new Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announce a £30bn package of measures to support the UK through the Covid-19 outbreak, has seen the government face repeated calls to reconsider its plans to extend the IR35 reforms to the private sector from 6 April 2020.

    However, the chancellor made

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