• ICNIRP finds no health risk with 5G technologies

    Research by the by the International Commission on Non‐Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has concluded that there is no specific undue health risk posed by 5G communications technologies if they adhere to recognised standards.

    The ICNIRP is an independent organisation that provides scientific advice and guidance on the health and environmental effects of non‐ionising radiation (NIR) to protect people and the environment from detrimental NIR exposure.

    After seven years of study looking at improved protection for higher frequency waves covering upcoming 5G technologies, as well as AM and DAB radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the currently used 3G and 4G mobile

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  • Turla’s use of Iranian infrastructure probably opportunistic

    Russian government-linked advanced persistent threat (APT) group Turla, which was revealed last year to have hijacked Iranian computer network operations resources to conduct its attacks and obfuscate its activity, was likely to have been operating opportunistically and not collaborating with the Iranians, according to new research published by Record Future’s Insikt unit.

    In October 2019, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the US’s National Security Agency (NSA) closed out a two-year investigation and published conclusive evidence that Turla was attacking its victims using implants that had been stolen from the APT34 or OilRig APT group, which is linked

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  • Miguel Rio Tinto, Emirates NBD

    Dubai-headquartered banking group Emirates NBD (ENBD) is undergoing one of the most ambitious digital banking transformations in the world, with chief information officer (CIO) Miguel Rio Tinto at the helm.

    The bank recently completed the third phase of its international core banking system upgrade, as it forges ahead with a Dhs1bn ($210m) plan to boost innovation and efficiency across its domestic and international operations.

    With 14 million customers in 13 countries and assets of around AED 675.6bn ($184bn), the project represents a huge undertaking for Rio Tinto.

    By end-2020, all ENBD entities and markets will be consolidated onto one single,

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