• Ericsson to acquire MC-PTT provider Genaker

    As the mission-critical push-to-talk (MC-PTT) market goes through what is regarded by many as a significant technology shift, Ericsson has signed an agreement to acquire all shares in MC-PTT provider Genaker.

    Based in Barcelona, Genaker was founded in 2004 and employs around 30 people in providing enterprise services for professionals emulating real-time two-way radio communications using mobile handsets or smartphones.

    Traditionally, public safety communications have relied on private land mobile radio (LMR) networks limited to simple push-to-talk (walkie-talkie) functionality. With increasing demand for exchange of other types of data, such as pictures and videos, the legacy LMR networks need to

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  • A guide to security best practice for pandemics

    It goes without saying that organisations operate in the real world and, as such, they will be affected by external regional, national and global events – but how do these external events affect the organisation, and in particular its IT security posture?

    Agreed, it is not that easy at first glance to see how the coronavirus outbreak in China could impact on the IT security of a UK-based organisation, but when combined with the increased use of global supply chains, coupled with advances in IT and communications technology, there will inevitably be effects to be considered and mitigated against. 


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  • US Department of Defense requests time to re-evaluate section of AWS and Microsoft JEDI bids

    The US Department of Defense (DoD) has asked a federal court judge for more time to re-evaluate parts of its controversial $10bn cloud contract before the decision to award the contract to Microsoft is subject to a legal challenge by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    The DoD asked the court, in a motion filed on 12 March 2020, to remand the case back to the DoD for 120 days so it can “reconsider certain aspects” of the decision. This course of action is being taken in response to complaints raised in the preliminary injunction AWS filed last month.

    As reported

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