• 5G propels connected vehicles into top gear

    A study from ABI Research has concluded that the commercial roll-out of 5G and other next-generation connectivity will have a transformative effect on worldwide roadways within the next three years.

    The 5G in automotive and smart transportation application analysis report predicts that there will be 41 million 5G-connected cars on the road by 2030, rising to 83 million by 2035. By then, says ABI, 5G connected cars will make up more than three-quarters of the total of cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X)-equipped cars.

    C-V2X is a global system for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and V2X communication designed to enhance road safety and facilitate smart

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  • What is CSI and how does it work?

    Containers are sweeping the datacentre. They’re a lightweight method of virtualising applications and allow for rapid scaling and contain all that’s needed to run processes in a multitude of environments with few dependencies.

    But they need storage. And while containers were originally conceived of to have storage as stateless as themselves, it soon became apparent that containerised applications needed to retain data for longer.

    So, a variety of ways of achieving persistent storage for containers – largely represented by Docker and the container orchestrator Kubernetes, though there are others available – have been developed.

    First, let’s recap on the basics

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  • Shirts and suits retailers using tech to stay smart

    Men’s tailoring in the UK took off in London in the early 1800s, with personalisation, customisation, and in-store visualisation and selection of materials all central to the service customers received on Savile Row and surrounding areas of the city.

    Those same pillars hold up the industry today, but with a digital twist woven in. 

    Representatives from three UK formalwear retailers, Charles Tyrwhitt, Moss Bros and The Savile Row Company, mapped out their recent challenges and plans for the 12 months ahead, at Fashion Connect, an event hosted by e-tail trade association IMRG.

    Each of those companies are going

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