• WBA assumes control of OpenRoaming standard

    Intending to accelerate the broad adoption of the Cisco-developed for Wi-Fi onboarding, the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) is to take over ownership and management of OpenRoaming as a global wireless industry standard.

    Essentially, OpenRoaming is designed to allow devices to automatically connect to Wi-Fi and seamlessly roam from one hotspot to another without the user needing to log in. It is built upon a set of standards and guidelines developed by the WBA and the Wi-Fi Alliance, and will now be adopted as an industry-wide initiative led by the WBA. The standard is said to have seen tremendous growth in

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  • Volume of computer misuse incidents falling, says ONS

    Incidents of computer misuse – actions contravening the Computer Misuse Act of 1990 – in England and Wales dropped 21% year-on-year to an estimated one million in the year to March 2019, bucking an overall upward trend in overall incidents of fraud, according to new analysis produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

    Overall, there were an estimated 3.8 million incidents of fraud in England and Wales in the 12-month period examined, resulting in a financial loss in 76% of cases. One in seven of these incidents was reported to Action Fraud or the police, according to the statistics,

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  • Employee computing emissions measured by only one-third of enterprises, Citrix research suggests

    Only one-third of large companies in the UK measure greenhouse gas emissions created by employee computing, according to a new survey from virtualisation software provider Citrix.

    The firm compiled the survey by speaking to 500 UK-based knowledge workers in managerial roles at companies employing more than 250 people, to explore the extent to which organisations are considering their impact on the environment.

    According to the survey, 60% of large UK businesses have a specific corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability strategy in place for IT, which includes strategies to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

    Despite this, just 28% of managerial

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