• How to implement safe and secure remote working

    While much of the cyber security news agenda around the coronavirus outbreak has focused on the opportunistic, callous nature of cyber criminals, for whom this presents a golden opportunity to spread chaos and make a fast buck, for the average business cyber security is about more than keeping abreast of threat campaigns, bug disclosures and cyber attacks.

    Currently, the biggest concern for chief information security officers (CISOs) and other security professionals is maintaining their organisation’s cyber security posture during a period where the vast majority of office-based, IT-reliant workers are going to be working from home.

    As Tal

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  • What is it and what are its key use cases?

    Computational storage brings processing power to storage. It’s a response to the idea that conventional storage architecture hasn’t kept up with today’s data storage needs.

    Moving data between storage and compute resources is inefficient. And as data volumes increase, it becomes more and more of a bottleneck. As the Storage Industry Networking Association (SNIA) has said: “Storage architecture has remained mostly unchanged dating back to pre-tape and floppy.”

    That might be a slight exaggeration, but the principle that storage is separate from processing remains at the core of most enterprise IT systems. With advanced analytics, big data, AI, machine

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  • Cyber gangsters hit UK medical firm poised for work on Coronavirus with Maze ransomware attack

    Cyber gangsters have attacked the computer systems of a medical research company on standby to carry out trials of a possible future vaccine for the Coronavirus, Covid-19.

    The Maze ransomware group attacked the computer systems of Hammersmith Medicines Research (HMR), publishing personal details of thousands of former patients after the company declined to pay a ransom.

    The company, which carried out tests to develop the Ebola vaccine and drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease, carries out early clinical trails of drugs and vaccines.

    The attack comes only days after the Maze crime group made a public promise not to attack

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