• UK comms experts continue to question contract-tracing app

    The UK government may have earned some plaudits for attempting to use a mobile contact-tracing app to aid the fight against Covid-19, but the controversy over its nature, in particular its centralised database, is rumbling on.

    On 4 May, the government, backed by leading experts in the UK’s epidemiology, IT and communications sectors, released more information on how the app – the first details of which were announced on 24 April – would work in its first scale trial on the Isle of Wight.

    Developed by NHSX, the NHS’s digital healthcare innovation unit, the contract-tracing app works by using Bluetooth

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  • Andrew Lennon, CIO, Barings, on Covid-19, data science and mergers

    Mention Barings Bank to anyone working in business for the past couple of decades, and they will talk about rogue trader Nick Leeson and the infamous 1995 collapse of a company established in 1762, as a result of his fraudulent trading.

    Today, however, Barings is a $338bn international investment management firm, owned since 2005 by US mutual life insurance company MassMutual. It is Britain’s oldest investment bank, and once listed Queen Elizabeth II among its clients.

    In 2016, the organisation went through another huge upheaval, as MassMutual merged Babson Capital Management, Wood Creek Capital Management, Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers and

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  • Pure Storage FlashBlade OS v3.0 brings protected snapshots

    Pure Storage has launched version 3.0 of Purity, the operating system for its file and object access all-flash FlashBlade arrays, in a move that sees it strengthen snapshot protection and bring new remote site replication functionality.

    “At root, FlashBlade is all-flash and conceived of as very fast storage for critical applications that only work as file access, like HPC [high-performance computing] and AI [artificial intelligence] workloads,” said technical lead Garbiel Ferreira.

    “But increasingly, enterprise customers use it to support backup because its performance allows it to restore more than 1,000 virtual machines in a few hours, compared to two

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