• Small firms seize digital lifeline to get back to business

    In the battle to stay competitive, one of the key muscles that small firms have been able to flex is flexibility, and research has found that UK small businesses are moving more of their services online for survival as the sector looks to take its first steps towards recovery.

    A study by Small Business Britain and BT Skills For Tomorrow polled more than 1,000 firms in Small Business Britain’s UK community and found that many across the sector are actively embracing digital tools to power recovery.

    The agility and entrepreneurialism displayed by small businesses across the country has received widespread

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  • How effective security training goes deeper than ‘awareness’

    When working in the cyber security industry, it’s easy to exist inside an infosecurity bubble, where buzzwords and acronyms are commonplace in day-to-day conversations. The idea that any computer literate person could be unfamiliar with a term as common as “phishing” seems unthinkable.

    But, it’s the reality – an extremely worrying thought when the majority of modern workers use email for a huge share of their communications.

    As detailed in Proofpoint’s State of the phish report 2020, a significant number of workers worldwide have little to no understanding of what cyber security professionals may consider basic terminology. In fact,

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  • EasyJet to be sued over customer data breach

    Law firm PGMBM, a specialist in group legal action, has issued a class action claim under Article 82 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the High Court on behalf of nine million easyJet customers whose details were exposed in a data breach.

    The group action, worth £18bn, could see each affected customer receive a £2,000 pay-out if successful. A team of Queen’s Counsel and junior barristers from Serle Court and 4 New Square chambers have been instructed in the case.

    “This is a monumental data breach and a terrible failure of responsibility that has a serious

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