• Home workers increase digital activity but raise broadband performance issues

    A study from EY has found that while the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown has prompted a positive shift in households’ digital activity, concerns around data privacy and security breaches, alongside broadband reliability issues, have created underlying levels of anxiety.

    The survey of 2,500 UK consumers, conducted between 27 May and 1 June, highlights the top 10 challenges and opportunities facing providers in the wake of the coronavirus. While the crisis has spurred greater engagement with technology – EY found that 21% of consumers were more engaged with the latest technology and gadgets for the home – less than half of households

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  • Microsoft wants developers to be Quantum-inspired

    During its Build 2020 annual software developers’ conference, Microsoft unveiled how it sees quantum computing fitting into its Azure public cloud. The company launched Azure Quantum, which it said would provide early adopters with a scalable path to quantum computing.

    The idea is that organisations can begin to build so-called “quantum-inspired” algorithms today, which allow them to start to gain the benefits of quantum computers without needing to use them directly.

    A Quantum Developer Kit (QDK) and new language Q# fill out the Microsoft quantum computing portfolio and are available on the open source GitHub repository.

    As Computer Weekly has

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  • SSD options from AWS, Azure and GCP

    Flash storage is increasingly important to the enterprise market, and analysts expect solid state storage to largely replace spinning disks for enterprise systems, endpoints and consumer devices – possibly within this decade.

    Meanwhile, some predict spinning disk will be used mostly by “superscalers” – the likes of Google and Facebook – and the cloud providers.

    The latter – centred on the big three AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform – are investing heavily in SSD technology as well.

    Buyers of the longest-established cloud storage applications, such as backup, recovery and archiving, are largely agnostic about the underlying hardware they

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