• 95% of North American CIOs report remote work issues during lockdown

    With one or two exceptions, the general consensus has been that employees in the major economies forced to work from home since March due to Covid-19 have coped well, but research from Hitachi ID Systems and Pulse has found that CIOs have had to battle hard to maintain acceptable experiences for remote workers.

    Indeed, the survey in May 2020 of 100 North American C-suite executives at enterprise, mid-sized, and small companies looking at the biggest roadblocks IT teams have encountered while working from home found that as many as 95% of all CIO respondents reported that their IT organisations have

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  • UK needs an immigration and training rethink

    The CBI has warned that significant reskilling is required across the UK workforce in the wake of the coronavirus. In its Building a world-class innovation and digital economy report, the industry organisation said the country faces major talent gaps, which will affect business innovation.

    The report predicted that as the economy recovers from the pandemic, all employees will need essential digital skills to use recently adopted technologies at work and to innovate.

    According to the CBI, many businesses will also need some employees with advanced or specialist digital skills, such as software engineering or artificial intelligence skills, to develop new,

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  • Former Post Office CEO and Fujitsu play the blame game in Horizon IT scandal

    A former Post Office CEO has blamed supplier Fujitsu, which in turn blamed the Post Office, for many of the failures to stop IT errors that caused one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in history.

    Meanwhile, the government has reiterated that it has no intention to have a judge-led public inquiry into the scandal that saw innocent subpostmasters’ lives ruined after being wrongly blamed for branch account shortfalls.

    Earlier in June, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) select committee chair, Darren Jones MP, sent letters to executives past and present at the Post Office and its IT supplier

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