• Partially accurate exposure notification may be best users get from UK contact tracing app

    In its second investigation into the workings of the UK’s much-delayed and much-criticised contact tracing app, technology and message recovery service Reincubate has cast further doubt on the effectiveness of the product, observing that neither of the two fundamental technological bases for the app have worked as well as hoped and that major technical obstacles persist in four key areas.

    The renowned UK mobile expert said that following its May analysis of the UK’s tracking app regarding the reported power issues associated with the product, the news that the UK is switching to use Apple and Google’s Exposure tracking APIs,

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  • ReversingLabs makes over 100 Yara rules publicly available

    ReversingLabs, a threat intelligence specialist, is publishing 128 of its Yara rules to GitHub for the first time, giving the open source community a valuable leg-up when it comes to detecting prominent and prevalent malware downloaders, viruses, trojans and ransomware.

    Originally developed by Victor Alvarez, a software engineer at VirusTotal, Yara rules are a way of identifying malware-related threats using a defined set of rules that seek out patterns common to various strains and families of malware.

    Announced at ReversingLabs’ inaugural threat hunter summit, Reversing 2020 – currently taking place online – the upload draws on the organisation’s

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  • FakeSpy Android malware targets Royal Mail app users

    An updated and upgraded version of the FakeSpy Android malware family – which dates back to 2017 – is actively targeting users of various postal and delivery service apps around the world, including Royal Mail, according to Ofir Almkias of Cybereason’s Nocturnus threat research team.

    The new version of FakeSpy is significantly more powerful when compared to previous versions, and continues to evolve rapidly, with new iterations being released on a weekly basis as its developers code in new evasion and obfuscation techniques, said Almkias.

    Having initially targeted Android users in Japan and South Korea, the new versions are exploiting

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