• Three counts on Amdocs to support enterprise business expansion

    Three has engaged Amdocs as the prime systems integrator in a multi-year managed services deal, as part of its plans to build an omni-channel digital business system to grow its business-to-business (B2B) services in the UK.

    In the partnership, Amdocs says it will go beyond mobile and deliver world-class digital consumer-like customer experiences to enterprises. It is contracted to enable Three UK to provide its enterprise customers with what it calls “innovative” services that can be deployed and scaled on demand, enabling faster time to market and an enhanced customer experience.

    “We have an ambitious plan for the growth of

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  • Green tech needed for post-Covid economic recovery

    Governments should put green technology investments at the heart of any economic recovery plans to deal with the fall-out from Covid-19, according to experts.

    Restrictions on work and travel mean levels of air pollution and carbon dioxide have fallen sharply during the coronavirus pandemic, which is now expected to cause the biggest ever annual fall in CO2 emissions.

    But this has come at a huge cost to people’s material conditions across the world. In the UK, for example, data from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) shows that 9.3 million people have been furloughed as of 28 June,

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  • An enhanced approach for USB security management

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    3 July 2020

    Royal Holloway: An enhanced approach for USB security management

    USB flash drives and other USB-connected data storage devices offer a simple way of making data more portable and more easily transferrable. However, their use presents security risks that must be addressed. Apart from increasing the risk of data theft, they have often been used to transfer malware, sometimes with disastrous results. Tracing flash drive-assisted data theft or malware to the culprit can pose a challenge to cyber security professionals and managers, but the problem can be addressed with

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