• UK government announces further funding for tech innovators to seize 5G opportunities

    Following on from the launch of the programme earlier in 2020, the UK government has made its second commitment to help business take advantage of the UK’s growing 5G infrastructures, with projects in Liverpool, Brighton, Manchester, Sunderland, Preston and Suffolk testing what such networks’ capabilities can do for UK industries. 

    The new schemes follow an announcement by UK Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden, unveiling a £200m investment in testbeds and trials across the country to explore new ways that 5G can boost business growth and productivity, improve the lives of people in rural areas and maximise the productivity benefits of

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  • Parents accuse Amazon of inaction in combatting child abuse material online

    Concerned parents have sent hundreds of stuffed animals to the home of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in protest against the e-commerce and cloud computing giant’s alleged failure to report child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

    On 29 July, the day Bezos testified before Congress alongside other tech CEOs, members of ParentsTogether, an online community of more than two million US-based parents, also staged a demonstration with teddy bears outside Capitol Hill.

    The issue of CSAM was not discussed during the hearing, however, which focused on the market power and dominance of major technology companies.

    Amidst a crisis of child sexual

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  • Customer investment in cloud and digital has held up during Covid

    Darren Roos, CEO of business applications supplier IFS, says his worst fears for the commercial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic failed to be confirmed. “Every prediction I made this year has been wrong,” he says. “I am no Nostradamus.”

    Roos adds: “When the crisis originally hit, I believed that we would see a cataclysmic impact on the business, and that we would be hunkering down for what would likely be six months. April was bad, and then people seemed to just shake it off and May and June were phenomenal again.”

    He says some customers have shown more interest

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