• 5G for enterprises requires other tech to reap full benefits

    5G for enterprises promises myriad benefits, but it won’t meet enterprises’ high expectations without other technologies.

    5G has taken center stage in the telecommunications and networking industries, but it must share the spotlight to be successful. 5G’s costars include automation and 4G LTE, according to author Cathy Mulligan, as both will be essential for 5G to provide the higher network speeds and low latency it is capable of. Both automation and 4G LTE will help enable a broader ecosystem of speed and connectivity with 5G for enterprises.

    In the book 5G Core Networks by Mulligan, Stefan Rommer, Peter Hedman, Magnus

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  • Netherlands investigates innovative privacy technology SSI

    Dutch research organisation TNO is investigating concrete applications of self-sovereign identity (SSI) technology to make citizens’ lives easier, and enable organisations to make considerable savings in administrative processes.

    SSI offers new ways for citizens to manage their privacy, eliminates the need to log in with passwords, and speeds up transactions over the internet and in real life.

    “We are investigating how SSI can be made suitable for applications,” said Rieks Joosten, senior scientist in business information processes and information security at TNO. “Perhaps the most important application is the electronic filling of administrative forms. If you want to

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  • Seven questions you need to ask when buying security insurance

    The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has launched its first-ever advice and best practice guidance on taking out cyber security insurance, highlighting seven key areas that organisations need to consider before committing to a policy.

    The package was produced in consultation with a range of stakeholders and industry partners in response to a growing number of calls for expert technical advice on the cyber security insurance market, and encourages organisations of all sizes to think more about how specialist insurance can help them if they suffer a security incident, and its contribution to their overall risk management

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