• Qualcomm chip vulnerability puts millions of phones at risk

    Smartphone devices from the likes of Google, LG, OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi are in danger of compromise by cyber criminals after 400 vulnerable code sections were uncovered on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon digital signal processor (DSP) chip, which runs on over 40% of the global Android estate.

    The vulnerabilities were uncovered by Check Point, which said that to exploit the vulnerabilities, a malicious actor would merely need to convince their target to install a simple, benign application with no permissions at all.

    The vulnerabilities leave affected smartphones at risk of being taken over and used to spy on and track their

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  • If you hire foreign IT staff, ‘you’re fired’, Trump tells bosses in government-owned entities

    US president Donald Trump said he removed board members at the government-owned utility company Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) because they hired foreign IT workers.

    As the US election nears, with Trump trailing in the polls, he is likely to raise the rhetoric on US companies employing overseas workers. One of his promises was to put American workers first.

    TVA, which provides electricity to millions of people, has been criticised by a not-for-profit group supporting tech workers, who also brought the issue to the attention of Trump.

    He fired TVA board members and told the organisation’s board to hire a new

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  • TikTok to open first European datacentre in Ireland during early 2022

    TikTok is to open its first European datacentre in Ireland in early 2022, as part of an ongoing push by the Chinese-owned video-sharing social networking site to safeguard European user data.

    In a blog post announcing the move, Roland Cloutier, the company’s global chief information security officer, said around €420m will be spent on the project, which will create “hundreds” of jobs and deliver an improved user experience for TikTok account holders.

    According to statistics from market watcher Oberlo, TikTok has 800 million users worldwide as of July 2020, and its app has been downloaded 2 billion times from the

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