• Virtual London Tech Week is a sign of the future

    London Tech Week will run a full week of events next week, with thousands of people attending from the comfort of their own homes.

    The normally in-person get-together was made fully virtual because of the continued risk of Covid-19 transmission, and follows the success of an event held online in June.

    This month’s London Tech Week began on 1 September, with three days of events: TechXLR8, The AI Summit and the 5G World Summit. The main event starts on Monday 7 September and will run the whole of next week, demonstrating how future events might look as organisers recognise

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  • UK funds coronavirus research for vulnerable global communities

    The UK government is to invest £7.2m in 20 new research projects to address the impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable communities around the world.

    Developing countries are facing immense pressures because of the global health crisis. The pandemic has not only put their health services under extreme pressure, but the global lockdown has damaged their economies disproportionately.

    According to the UN, the number of people facing food shortages could double by the end of this year and about 150 million people worldwide lost full-time jobs in the first quarter of this year, with millions more expected to lose their livelihoods.

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