• Learn the key differences between 4G vs. 5G networks

    In a perfect world, each generation improves upon the best qualities of its predecessors and thrives in ways previous generations couldn’t. In a way, new generations respond to the issues created by older generations.

    This is particularly relevant for generations of mobile networking and cellular technology. In the case of fourth-generation wireless vs. fifth-generation wireless, 5G aims to not only surpass 4G capabilities, but meet and exceed 4G’s goals for general speeds, latency and density.

    The 4G era saw the innovation of various networking trends, such as IoT growth, increasing numbers of smartphones, and remote and mobile workforces. These

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  • What will increased remote working mean for tech salaries?

    While the Covid-19 crisis may have created a lot of uncertainty, what does seem sure is that the practice of remote working is here to stay. But in this area, like so many before it, the tech industry – which pioneered the approach in the first place by developing the tools to make it possible and was working in dispersed teams long before anyone else – once again appears to be shaking up established ideas and modus operandi.

    For example, although many of the big tech players have committed to working-from-home policies until at least 2021, social media giant

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  • German authorities probe ransomware hospital death

    German authorities are investigating the death of a woman in the wake of a failed ransomware attack on a Düsseldorf hospital that disrupted its IT systems and forced the closure of its accident and emergency department. The unnamed patient died in transit to a nearby facility in Wuppertal.

    The fatal incident – thought to be the first ransomware attack to result in a death – unfolded on 10 September and affected about 30 servers at University Hospital Düsseldorf (UKD), which was forced to cancel hundreds of operations and other procedures. More than a week later, many of its systems remain

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