• Scam mobile apps spreading via rogue TikTok accounts

    Malicious app developers are exploiting TikTok’s popularity among under-18s to promote adware scam applications, according to Czech security firm Avast, which has uncovered apps with over 2.4 million downloads between them on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store after receiving a report through its local Be Safe Online project.

    The apps pose as entertainment apps, including games purporting to “shock your friends” that actually just cause the device to vibrate (something it is perfectly capable of doing without an app), and wallpaper and music downloaders that are in fact HiddenAds trojans serving intrusive ads outside of

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  • Trump implicated in plans to prosecute Assange over war leaks

    The White House was behind the removal of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London before his arrest, a court heard today.

    US journalist and Trump supporter, Casandra Fairbanks claimed that she had been told by a republican party supporter close to the president about plans for Assange’s arrest months before it happened.

    In a witness statement read out in court today, Fairbanks said she had been given advanced details of US government plans to arrest and Assange during a phone call from Arthur Schwartz a wealthy donator to the republican party.

    The republican party donor gave

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  • Can Arm stay strong under Nvidia?

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    22 September 2020

    Can Arm stay strong under Nvidia?

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, we examine the implications of the controversial acquisition of UK chip leader Arm by US rival Nvidia. Black Lives Matter has raised awareness of social inequalities, but is the tech sector becoming more diverse? And we ask if business software can learn from the addictive nature of social apps. Read the issue now.

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