• Latest Tech Nation fintech cohort reflects diversifying sector

    The latest group of fintechs selected for Tech Nation’s programme for early stage companies contains a diverse group in terms of sub sectors and regions of the UK.

    The UK government-backed startup network also released data putting the UK at the top of the European fintech tree.

    It has selected 31 fintechs as part of its latest cohort, with companies in the insurance, regtech, open banking and digital ID sectors included. There is also a diverse regional spread this year, which saw a 20% increase in applications from last year, with a total of 60% of new members from outside

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  • Twitter investigates image cropping algorithm for racial bias

    Twitter is investigating racial bias in its image cropping algorithm, after users discovered it prioritises white people’s faces over black people’s faces.

    Users first noticed the issue when Vancouver-based university manager Colin Madland posted on the social media platform about his black colleague’s trouble with Zoom’s face-detection algorithm, which kept removing his head whenever he used a virtual background.

    When tweeting pictures of the Zoom interaction, Madden found the Twitter mobile app consistently defaulted to his face instead of his colleague’s in the preview. This occurred even when he flipped the order of the images.

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  • Tech executives need new skills to lead in a remote world

    Through the Covid-19 crisis, it has been technology leaders and their teams that have kept countless organisations working. Without their efforts – managing the shift to remote connectivity, the cloud and collaborative tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams – many businesses would quite simply have ground to a halt.

    In many ways, therefore, these are “good days” for technology, despite the immense workload and pressure of the past frenetic months. This year’s Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, taking in the views of more than 4,200 CIOs and tech leaders across the world, finds that nearly two-thirds (62%) believe the

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