• Interdealer broker bets on BT for infrastructure

    Aiming to allow the leading provider of market infrastructure to cash in from advanced communications regardless of traders’ locations, BT has announced a seven-year contract with TP ICAP to provide its 700-strong broker team in London with a secure, software-based platform and applications featuring remote working capabilities.

    Part of the Pullett Prebon Group, TP ICAP brings together buyers and sellers in global capital, energy and commodities markets. It is the world’s largest wholesale market intermediary, with a portfolio of trusted businesses that provide broking services, data and analytics and market intelligence to clients around the world. It operates from

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  • Security pros face sanctions if they help ransomware victims pay

    The US government has issued new ransomware guidance, as well as an advisory alerting security companies who assist victims of ransomware attacks by facilitating payments to designated cyber criminals attackers that they face potential sanctions risks under American law.

    The advisory – which can be read in full here – was issued by the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), contains a stark warning that financial institutions, cyber security insurance firms and companies involved in digital forensics and incident response risk violating OFAC regulations if they are found to have assisted in making a payment.


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  • Future UK-EU data sharing put at risk by Brexit legislation

    Powers granted to UK ministers under the EU Exit Regulations allow them to determine or revoke data adequacy decisions with little to no parliamentary scrutiny, and could jeopardise the UK’s ability to share data with Europe, experts have told Computer Weekly.

    As the UK’s negotiations with the EU continue to be mired in disagreement, concerns are growing over the ability to exchange data freely between the two, which rests on the UK government’s ability to secure a data adequacy decision from the EU.

    Without such a decision, UK companies could face difficulties in exchanging data with their EU subsidiaries, or

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