• 5G technology could increase global economy by $1.5tn by 2030

    Along with full-fibre, 5G infrastructures are said to be at the vanguard of countries’ attempts to kick-start their economies in the post-pandemic world, and a new series of reports by STL Partners has concluded that next-generation mobile networks can support multiple use cases that can drive efficiencies and enable new revenue growth in industries across the globe.

    The studies, commissioned by Huawei, focused on the global economic impact that 5G could have on key industries, with deep dives into the healthcare, manufacturing, renewable energy and transport and logistics sectors. The overarching conclusion was that 5G-enabled technology could generate an extra

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  • MosaicRegressor APT campaign using rare malware variant

    Cyber security researchers at sector giant Kaspersky have warned of an advanced persistent threat (APT) campaign, dubbed MosaicRegressor, that is using a rarely seen variety of malware known as a firmware bootkit to establish persistence on target computers.

    The malware has been used in targeted attacks – described as a complex and multi-stage modular framework used for espionage and data exfiltration – aimed at diplomats and non-governmental organisation (NGO) staffers from Africa, Asia and Europe. While Kaspersky posited a link to either North Korea or Russia, the campaign cannot yet be linked with confidence to any known actors.

    Identified by

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  • Facebook critics launch ‘Real Facebook Oversight Board’

    A coalition of Facebook’s most vocal critics is demanding that the social media giant takes comprehensive action to stop its platform being used to incite violence or spread misleading information ahead of next month’s US presidential election.

    Dubbed the “Real Facebook Oversight Board”, the group has been formed specifically to analyse and criticise the platform’s role in the presidential election on 3 November.

    Described by members as “an emergency intervention”, the activist-led board is calling on Facebook to take “three meaningful measures to protect this election and preserve our democracy”.

    The first measure is for Facebook to enforce its own

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