• The UK switches on to mobile contact tracing

    It’s virtually impossible to drive a representative stake in the ground when it comes to trying to establish a position on Covid-19, especially in the UK. Fast-moving would be something of a euphemism. Just as tens of thousands of positive tests for the virus were “discovered” and subsequent contacts not followed up on, chaotic would not be an unfair description of the National Health Service (NHS) Test and Trace regime.

    One key element of the programme, the UK’s contact-tracing app, has since its inception been dogged by similar negative publicity, mainly surrounding fundamental technical glitches and subsequent missed launch deadlines.

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  • US lawmakers release big tech antitrust report

    US lawmakers have identified a “pressing need for legislative action and reform” to rein in the monopoly power enjoyed by Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, suggesting “structural separation” as a primary solution.

    Following a 16-month investigation into the competitive practices of the four tech giants, the Democratic majority of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law have published a report detailing their recommendations on how antitrust laws and enforcement can be changed “to address the rise and abuse of market power in the digital economy”.

    The majority found that although the four corporations differ in important ways,

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  • Carhartt shifts old data to the cloud with Komprise

    US-based clothing manufacturer Carhartt has saved 75% on storage costs for every gigabyte of data it holds by being able to monitor and migrate files from its on-premise locations to Azure cloud storage using data management software from Komprise.

    The company uses Komprise to identify data that is beyond much likelihood of frequent use and is able to migrate it from on-premise storage at $1 per gigabyte to Microsoft Azure Blob and Cold storage at around $0.25 per gigabyte.

    Michigan-headquartered Carhartt makes clothing at nine manufacturing plants in the US and Mexico, with satellite locations in Europe and the Far

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