• TCS results signal enterprise readiness to spend on IT after Covid-19 pause

    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) reported more sales in continental Europe than the UK for the first time ever as…

    its financial results showed demand strengthening following the Covid-19 slowdown.

    The Indian IT services giant’s latest results indicate that businesses are ready to invest in IT, but also signal operational cost-cutting, digital transformation and supplier consolidation.

    TCS has always been referred to as India’s biggest IT services firm, but on Thursday 8 October it boasted the highest market value of global IT services companies for the first time. At the time, TCS was valued at almost $145bn, while Accenture, previously the

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  • Facebook critics’ webpage removed over false phishing allegations

    A coalition of prominent Facebook critics has been forced offline after an internet service provider (ISP) took…

    its webpage down.

    The Real Facebook Oversight Board (RFOB) – a group made up of two dozen academics, activists, lawyers and journalists who have been vocal critics of the social media company – was launched last month with the goal of holding Facebook accountable ahead of the upcoming US presidential election on 3 November.  

    Shortly after holding its first press conference on 30 September, in which the group demanded the social media company take action “to protect this election and preserve our democracy”,

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