• Magecart strikes website of school payments service Wisepay

    Wisepay, a supplier of financial services for schools that enables parents to pay for school meals, clubs and trips, among other things, has recovered its service after discovering a Magecart skimmer on its website was leaching credit card numbers earlier in October

    The firm said that data on an undisclosed number of transactions to approximately 300 schools may have been stolen when users who thought they were making legitimate payments were redirected, without their knowledge, to a malicious external page masquerading as Wisepay’s website.

    The firm’s managing director Richard Grazier told the BBC the website was compromised via a

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  • Major tech companies respond to lawsuit over mining deaths

    Five major technology companies named in a lawsuit over the mining deaths of Congolese children have filed a joint motion to dismiss the case, claiming that the “expansive theories alleged in the complaint are not supported by law”.

    The lawsuit against Alphabet, Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Tesla was filed in Washington DC in December 2019 by human rights group International Rights Advocates on behalf of 14 families, who accused the technology firms of knowingly aiding and abetting – and subsequently benefiting from – forced labour practices in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

    “Defendants know and have known for

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