• Cheaper and more available smartphones set to drive 5G adoption surge

    The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March heralded a number of predictions of a doomsday scenario for the 5G industry, but a study from CCS Insight is the second in two days to make bullish expectations for 5G in 2020 and into the next five years at least.

    The optimism is based on the industry building on a market momentum that has seen the launch of 100 commercial 5G networks and which is set for acceleration with what CCS Insight says is an abundance of 5G smartphones that cost significantly less than widely expected a year ago. By the

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  • Trickbot forced offline in major cyber security victory

    Microsoft, alongside a coalition comprising FS-ISAC, ESET, Lumen Black Lotus Labs, NTT and Symantec, has succeeded in disrupting the infamous Trickbot botnet, one of the primary vectors of ransomware distribution worldwide.

    The coordinated effort was made possible by a court order obtained by Microsoft in the US, alongside technical actions taken in partnership with telecoms operators around the world. As a result, key infrastructure used by the operators of Trickbot has now been cut off, so the botnet can no longer be used to initiate new infections or activate ransomware that has already been dropped.

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  • Challenger bank accessing latest anti-money laundering technology through fintech

    Challenger OakNorth is expanding its use of technology from a fintech supplier to ensure it meets anti-money laundering regulations.

    The bank initially began using technology from ComplyAdvantage earlier this year, when it replaced incumbent supplier World-Check with the fintechs anti-money laundering screening platform. Using a ComplyAdvantage database, this service checks names of customers onboarding against politically exposed person (PEP) lists, sanctions lists and adverse media.

    OakNorth, which has a policy of looking to the fintech sector for products and services, is now looking at automated transaction monitoring from ComplyAdvantage.

    OakNorth got its UK banking licence in March 2015. It targets

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