• Jersey launches contact-tracing app

    After the Isle of Wight played a key role in testing the UK contact-tracing app, 175km to the southwest, Jersey has now introduced a smartphone app designed to alert users when they have been near another app user who has recently discovered that they have Covid-19.

    Available immediately for islanders to download, the Jersey Covid Alert app is the result of a partnership between the government of Jersey, Digital Jersey – a government-backed economic development agency and industry association dedicated to the growth of the island’s digital sector – and Irish technology developer NearForm.

    The app uses Bluetooth Low

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  • Nokia signs five-year deal with Google Cloud to support its datacentre shutdown plans

    Nokia is preparing to shutter its datacentres around the world and move its on-premise IT infrastructure and applications estate into the Google Cloud to improve the efficiency of its operations.

    The multinational telecommunications firm has signed a five-year strategic collaboration with Google, as part of a wider cloud-first push by Nokia designed to help it cut costs and accelerate its global digital transformation efforts.

    The company is specifically looking to the cloud to help expand its capacity for collaboration and innovation, while enabling it to save money by curtaining the size of its in-house datacentre estate, and, in turn, reduce

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  • Unions urge government to improve conditions for Amazon workers

    UK government at both the national and local levels should use their direct relationships with Amazon to compel the e-commerce giant into improving work conditions, trade unions have said.

    In their Challenging Amazon report published on 12 October, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and GMB said: “Amazon has seen its market value rocket [during the coronavirus pandemic], registering $75bn (£58bn) in revenue for the first quarter (equivalent to £25m an hour).”

    It added, however, that “while Amazon’s profits surged, so did reports of the unsafe working conditions in its fulfilment centres across the globe”, prompting a wave of strikes from

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