• Safeguarding PII in the current threat landscape

    Data is one of the most valuable assets for many businesses today, making it a highly prized target for cyber criminals and meaning they will be persistent in finding new ways to attack their prey.

    Identity theft – the deliberate use of someone else’s digital ID to gain confidential information, financial statements or personal information from an organisation’s IT assets – is one of these attacks. And threat actors are continually evolving, taking advantage of new ways of working which can be used to breach networks, masquerade as legitimate IT users and exfiltrate data.

    Increasing risk of ID theft


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  • Generali’s Yanna Winter on the power of data integration

    Yanna Winter is CIO of Italian insurance firm Generali, which operates 150 IT systems running in 20 countries. She describes her job as “complex with relatively modest budgets” and says: “It’s the most interesting job I have had in my life.”

    Winter sees the role of IT in the insurance firm as identifying what the business wants from a functionality, regulatory and cost perspective. “Regulation is not optional,” she says. “Cost is not optional. Over the next four to five years, we don’t have bottomless pockets. We are all budget-centric. The budget gets fixed once a year.” But, she adds,

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