• Project Endeavour gets in gear to begin first public autonomous vehicle trials

    A key milestone is said to be been reached in the UK Government-backed Project Endeavour R&D programme, now beginning the first live trials of an initiative designed to accelerate and scale the adoption of autonomous vehicle services across the UK.

    Launched in September 2019, the project has brought together autonomous software company Oxbotica, urban innovator DG Cities and Immense, a transport simulation company. Ahead of the public trials, which Project Endeavour says will bring the deployment of commercial autonomous vehicles in the UK one step closer, three new consortium partners have been added to Project Endeavour: the Transport Research

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  • Orange Belgium reveals first 5G innovations in Port of Antwerp

    Less than a year after announcing the creation of its Industry 4.0 campus in the Port of Antwerp area, Orange Belgium and its industrial partners have unveiled the fruits of their work in developing real-life applications, tailor-made for businesses, based on Orange Belgium’s 5G network in Europe’s second-largest port.

    Orange first indicated the importance of the Port of Antwerp in January 2020 when it laid out its roadmap for Europe in 2020, highlighting the power of convergence and the need for ecosystem partnerships. While noting at the time some local issues that could delay the national roll-out of 5G in

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  • Maturing O-RAN set to have 75% market share by 2030

    The development of open radio access network (O-RAN) is gaining momentum, with a study from ABI Research predicting that total spending on O-RAN radio units (RUs) for the public outdoor macro cell network will reach $69.5bn in 2030, with cumulative unit shipments expected to reach 15.7 million.

    Network operators, new entrants, system integrators and application developers are working together to unlock the traditional integrated telco supply chain, which has to date been dominated by a handful of large infrastructure suppliers.

    O-RAN’s proponents believe the technology has the potential to enable operators to broaden their range of network infrastructure partners and

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  • From compliance to open banking to embedded finance – all thanks to APIs

    Banking, insurance and finance have always been highly centralised in their hierarchy, business models and information systems. But in the digital age, these industries require modification and innovation.

    With the explosion of digital channels and apps, modern generations no longer visit their local bank branch for their financial needs. They want to access banking services not where banks are, but where they are. It is up to the bank to adapt to modern, multi-channel customer journeys.

    This new demand, combined with the emergence of innovative software technologies, is creating a fresh form of finance that is embedded through application programming

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  • NSA’s top CVE list a timely reminder to patch

    A recently published list of 25 of the most frequently exploited Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) currently being exploited by state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) actors originating in China has highlighted the importance of applying software updates and patches in a timely fashion.

    The list was released by the US’s National Security Agency (NSA), and details a number of vulnerabilities that can be used to gain initial access into victim networks going through products that can be directly accessed from the public internet, and then wreak havoc once inside.

    Many of them have been known for some time, reflecting

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