• Tech Talent Charter launches Doing It Anyway role model campaign

    Tech Talent Charter (TTC) has launched a campaign describing women’s various journeys into tech to encourage others to pursue a career in the industry.

    The project, called Doing It Anyway, features the stories of eight women in the tech sector in the hope that sharing their paths into their roles will encourage other working-age women to seek out careers in the IT industry.

    Sinead Bunting, co-founder of Tech Talent Charter, said that once the TTC campaign had started making progress in its aim to share best practice for diversity and inclusion across the tech sector, it wanted to shift focus

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  • Digital public services fail UK citizens on multiple fronts

    Poor governance and an outdated procurement system are preventing the UK government from successfully digitising public services, says a group of business leaders, MPs and former government officials.

    According to a discussion paper published by the Commission for Smart Government (CSG), which was established by the Project for Modern Democracy think-tank to generate research and proposals for reform of digital government, services should be built with the aim of strengthening the UK’s democratic institutions and increasing trust in the government.

    However, it said poor governance means there is “a lack of clarity about responsibilities for digitally enabled services and few,

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