• Ericsson looks to the cloud for increased RAN flexibility

    With diversity of supply a watchword in communications provision, and software-defined platforms encroaching rapidly into the world of telecoms, Ericsson has announced Cloud RAN (radio access network), designed to enable communications service providers (CSPs) to add greater flexibility and versatility to their networks.

    Putting contest into the launch, Ericsson said that as the telecoms industry deploys 5G networks around the globe, technologies such as automation and virtualisation, with Cloud RAN specifically, will play a key role in future network evolution.

    These technologies, it said, will be the catalyst for more openness in networks, with cloud technology offering new innovative

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  • CIOs must prepare for Brexit data transfer

    Analyst Forrester has warned CIOs that they will need to prepare to migrate data processing of European Union (EU) citizens from UK datacentres by 2021.

    As Computer Weekly has previously reported, when the Brexit transition period ends, UK ministers will have the power to forge new data-sharing arrangements that risk undermining the viability of future data transfers with the EU.

    An adequacy decision is a legal mechanism to allow the European Commission (EC) to facilitate personal data transfers between the EU and third countries – covering data flows under Article 45 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for

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  • Highly unusual hacking attack directly threatens therapy patients

    In what has been described as  a “highly unusual ransomware case”, a hacker is demanding money directly from patients after an electronics patients record (EPR) system in Finland was hacked.

    According to news reports, private psychotherapy clinic Vastaamo was broken into and the therapist notes for up to 40,000 patients were stolen. It is believed that the hacker tried to extort money from the company first. When it refused, the hacker began emailing the patients whose medical records and therapy notes were stolen, asking each person for €200 ransom paid by bitcoin.

    In a tweet, Mikko Hyppönen, chief research officer

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