• England and Wales Covid-19 app updated as Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Gibraltar link up

    The countries making up the UK, the island of Ireland and the Channel Islands have all upgraded their respective Covid-19 contract-tracing apps, enhancing them to improve accuracy, capability and interoperability.

    Across England and Wales, the NHS contact-tracing app developed by the UK arm of Swiss software firm Zühlke Engineering and officially launched on 24 September, and which has now been downloaded 19 million times by about 40% of eligible smartphone owners, has undergone its first in-field upgrade to increase the app’s accuracy in identifying close contacts and remove unnecessary exposure notifications to improve communications for app users.

    The NHS

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  • UK comms task force leader warns of East v West 5G standards battle

    The new chairman of the UK government’s Telecoms Diversification Task Force, former BT CEO and former trade minister Ian Livingston, has told a parliamentary committee that it is quite feasible that the communications technology market could split into two global standards, one in Europe and North America and one based in China, resulting in commercial and security threats to national infrastructure.

    Livingston was appointed to take the reins of the task force in September as a result of the UK government’s decision to remove technology from so-called “high-risk” suppliers, specifically Huawei, from the UK’s national communications infrastructure on the grounds

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  • Comms needs to take ‘giant leap forward’ to address new normal

    With the concept of both working and socialising from home becoming a “new normal” in less than a year, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a tipping point for what white-collar workers expect of the future digital office, according to new research from Ericsson IndustryLab.

    Aiming to investigate the likely landscape of the workplace in 2030, The dematerialised office study sought insights about the sentiments and expectations of white-collar employees. It canvassed the views of 8,400 white-collar workers who are early adopters of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) or virtual assistants from 16 countries, representing about 133 million people,

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  • Trump supporters targeted by cryptocurrency scammers

    Cyber criminals running a cryptocurrency scam successfully breached the campaign website of under fire US president Donald Trump to briefly replace it with a JavaScript mock-up of an FBI warning, in the latest exploitation of the contentious US election process by cyber criminals.

    The fake warning said that the attackers had compromised multiple devices with access to Trump and his relatives, and had evidence that the US government was behind the Covid-19 pandemic – this latter point a fairly widespread conspiracy theory.

    The group claimed to have evidence that discredited Trump as a president and proved criminal involvement with

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  • NetApp boosts NVMe, QLC and container hybrid cloud offer

    At its Insight event this week, NetApp launched four flash and non-volatile memory express-based (NVMe-based) hardware storage products, as well as container-centric enhancements to its hybrid cloud storage offerings.

    The hardware products target mission-critical workloads with all-NVMe, high-volume unstructured workloads via NVMe QLC flash; upgrades to its Ontap storage operating system to version 9.8, which allows for S3 object storage connectivity; and a new E-series array with all-NVMe media.

    Meanwhile, NetApp has added its Spot container resource management capability to its Cloud Manager hybrid- and multi-cloud storage control plane.

    The first new hardware offering is the AFF

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