• US cyber security agencies get $9bn in Biden plan

    President-elect Joe Biden has proposed a $9bn (£6.6bn) funding injection to shore up the US’s cyber security capabilities, enhancing the work of the country’s Cyber Security and Information Security Agency (CISA), alongside a wider security upgrade across the federal government.

    The package, details of which can be found here, forms part of the American Rescue Plan, a $1.9tn relief package unveiled on 14 January, which also provides for Covid-19 relief, among other things. The US is the world’s worst-affected country in the pandemic, with close to 400,000 deaths at the time of writing.

    “In addition to the Covid-19 crisis,

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  • 150,000 records accidentally wiped from police systems

    UK police have lost more than 150,000 fingerprint, DNA and arrest history records after accidentally wiping them from national policing systems.

    The Home Office said in a statement that it was working with police to “assess the impact” of the glitch that occurred within the systems, and that no records of criminals or dangerous persons had been deleted.

    It said the wiped records were those of people arrested and released when no further action was taken.

    Policing minister Kit Malthouse said that “a standard housekeeping process that runs on the Police National Computer [PNC] deleted a number of records in

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