• Enterprise 5G network slicing to carve out $20bn revenues over next five years

    Noting that 5G deployments are now in a state of proliferation, analyst firm ABI Research expects the importance of network slicing for the enterprise domain to grow, with demand for 5G slicing propelled mainly by heavy industry verticals.

    ABI says there are three predominant business drivers for 5G slicing. First, it notes that new services can be deployed with little or no disruption to existing services and that with today’s networks, service agility is a challenge because the introduction of new services necessitates reconfiguration of underlying networks.

    Second, ABI believes verticals can optimise network efficiency with potentially lower

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  • Manufacturing particularly at risk of Solorigate-linked breaches

    About one-fifth of victims of the December 2020 SolarWinds Solorigate/Sunburst cyber attack – some 3,600 out of 18,000 organisations identified so far – work in the manufacturing vertical, according to Kaspersky ICS Cert researchers, who have been among those trying to piece together what really happened over the past year, and how wide-ranging the breach really is.

    The apparent focus of the Russia-linked cyber attack – perpetrated by an advanced persistent threat (APT) espionage group that is now known as UNC2452 – was chiefly US government organisations, but the collateral damage extends far and wide and, according to Kaspersky,

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  • Commerzbank announces big job cuts and branch closures

    Germany’s Commerzbank is closing more than 340 branches and slashing one-third of its staff to cut costs, while it invests heavily in IT as part of its digital transformation. About 10,000 job cuts are planned.

    “As part of a wide-ranging digitisation, the bank will substantially reduce its branch network from the current level of 790 to 450,” said Commerzbank.

    The cuts will reduce costs by €1.4bn by 2024 as it focuses on digitising its business model. The German full-service bank will invest €1.7bn into IT over the next four years to digitise and automate.

    Frankfurt-based Peter Schumacher, CEO of management

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