• Has Covid-19 made bank branch closures easier to sell?

    Banks across Europe have been closing branches at an increasing rate as digital channels bed in and the current global health crisis forces consumers and businesses to bank differently.

    In the past few months, banks in Europe have announced the closure of more than 1,000 branches, with migration to digital channels a recurring theme in their justification.

    The Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions it has brought to everyday life have proved the case for digital banking and allowed previously reluctant converts to see beyond the traditional branch.

    Online, mobile and contactless technologies have shaken up transactional banking in recent years,

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  • Agent Tesla trojan finds new ways to sneak past defences

    Two updated versions of Agent Tesla, the widely used information stealer and remote access trojan (Rat), now contain new evasive techniques designed to disable endpoint protection tools on target systems before delivering malware payloads, according to research published by Sophos.

    The new versions of Agent Tesla, which in general arrives as a malicious attachment to a phishing email, incorporates a multi-stage process. At first it uses a .NET downloader to grab chunks of malware from legitimate third-party websites – such as pastebin – and knits them together to build the loader that carries the final payload.

    Meanwhile, it

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  • Ten startups graduate from virtual reality-focused accelerator

    Ten immersive technology startups have graduated from Digital Catapult’s fourth Augmentor accelerator programme after developing virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (XR) tools for a range of sectors.

    Digital Catapult is an advanced digital technology innovation centre that aims to drive early adoption of emerging technologies by UK businesses, with a particular focus on how these technologies can promote competition, boost productivity and grow the country’s economy.

    The 12-week Augmentor programme is designed to support early-stage businesses developing innovative and commercially orientated immersive technology products.

    The 10 companies involved receive investment and industry advice through mentorship, gain

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