• European cities hit key smart technology milestone with €250m investment

    The UK may have left the European Union, but London, in a scheme led by mayor Sadiq Khan (pictured above), is working closely with other European nations to build workable business models for smart technologies.

    Launched in 2016, Sharing Cities is a major international smart cities project that aims to address some of the most pressing urban challenges facing today’s cities, such as energy use, low-carbon transport and buildings, and harnessing data for the city’s good. The project works on the basic understanding that green technologies have led to significant change across the cities, which will continue to maintain

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  • Five key points about unstructured data storage on-prem and cloud

    Unstructured data is proliferating massively. It is growing in volume by more than 50% a year, and according to IDC, it will form 80% of all data by 2025 and does so already for some organisations.

    That means unstructured data is a potential storage headache, but it is also a valuable source of intelligence.

    There is another 80% figure that flies about with regard to unstructured data, which is that four-fifths of all business-relevant information originates in unstructured data, mostly text.

    In other words, it is in emails, reports, articles, customer reviews, client notes and other forms of unstructured

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  • Security firm Stormshield loses source code in cyber attack

    France-based cyber security firm Stormshield has revealed a leak of source code from its Stormshield Network Security and Network Security Industrial Firewall products following a cyber attack that saw malicious actors gain unauthorised access to a technical portal used by customers and partners to manage tech support tickets.

    The incident, understood to have occurred in December 2020, also saw the personal data and technical exchanges associated with a number of customer accounts accessed and viewed, and possibly stolen. All the affected users have already been contacted.

    The firm has also notified the French authorities, reset all its account passwords, and

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