• More than $2bn returned to US consumers through mobile device trade-ins in 2020

    A year ago as the major economies were closing down and sending people home to work and learn, there were major fears that the Covid-19 pandemic would have a huge impact on the global smartphone and secondary device markets, as well as retail shutdowns, but research from HYLA has revealed that money returned to US consumers via trade-ins fell by just 11% in 2020.

    HYLA releases data on mobile device trade-in trends both on a quarterly and annual basis. By combining live market data with data from its analytics platform Device IQ, trends are identified on the trade-in value of

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  • Oracle fleshes out hybrid cloud and edge computing strategy with Roving Edge Infrastructure devices

    Oracle is continuing to build out its hybrid cloud strategy, with the introduction of an edge computing-enabling device for enterprises that need to host workloads in remote locations with limited connectivity.

    The Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure devices are ruggedised, on-premise units containing scalable server nodes that provide users with access to the software giant’s core cloud infrastructure services and applications.

    “It enables customers to operate cloud applications and workloads in the field, including machine learning inference, real-time data integration and replication, augmented analytics, and query-intensive data warehouses,” said Oracle in a statement.

    Each Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure unit comes equipped

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  • Dating app users warned to watch out for scammers

    A 20% spike in bank transfer “romance” cyber fraud over the course of 2020 reflects the growing isolation and frustration felt by many people during lockdown, according to report from UK Finance, which is warning the public to keep an eye out for such scams around Valentine’s Day.

    Typical scams involve targets being duped into handing over money to cyber criminals who often go to extreme lengths to convince their victim’s that they are in a genuine, long-distance relationship, using social engineering techniques to manipulate them.

    With figures from the Online Dating Association suggesting 2.3 million UK citizens used

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