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  • Government invests £200,000 to boost Scottish geospatial sector

    The Cabinet Office has announced that the Scottish Geospatial Network Integrator (SGNI) will be created as part of a wider plan to develop the geospatial sector in Scotland.

    SGNI is being established through a £200,000 joint investment from the UK Government Geospatial Commission, working with Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government. It is part of the UK’s Geospatial Strategy, which was launched in June 2020.

    The government considers Scotland’s geospatial sector to already be significant, but noted that research by Scottish Enterprise has shown that more support is needed to encourage greater cooperation in the sector.

    “Location data is used

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  • ICO slashes Marriott breach fine to £18.4m

    The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined hotel company Marriott £18.4m under the General Data Protection…

    Regulation (GDPR) over the 2014 cyber attack on its Starwood chain that saw 393 million customer records compromised. The revised fine is an 81% reduction on the initial sum of £99m.

    The latest reduction comes just a fortnight after British Airways succeeded in arguing a £183m data protection fine down to £20m, reflecting the steps the airline subsequently took to rectify gaps in its security posture, as well as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The ICO said today that the reduction

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  • CISOs more confident in identity practice after pandemic shock

    CISOs and other cyber security professionals say they are increasingly confident in their identity policies and…

    practices as a result of the changes made to support cloud-enabled remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a report.

    The study, Identity governance and administration for the new computing normal, conducted by Dimensional Research on behalf of One Identity, found that security teams have put increased priority on access request, identity and access lifecycle management, identity process and workflow, and role management technologies in the past seven months. Just under a third of 1,216 respondents said that Covid-19 was directly

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  • How one scaleup pivoted to cyber

    Vivida was never meant to be a cyber security business really, says founder Simeon Quarrie. A storyteller at heart,…

    Quarrie founded and built his young virtual reality (VR) scaleup with the objective of using interactivity to change business cultures.

    He saw some early success creating scenarios that put employees in situations that are impossible to replicate in reality, such as escaping a burning building for fire safety training, or being put in the shoes of a black man in a corporate environment for diversity training.

    “I wasn’t born into it, right?” he says. “If I’m completely honest, the subject

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  • What we need in the UK’s telecoms diversification strategy

    The UK’s 5G future is caught between more than just the one proverbial rock and a hard place.

    On the resilience front, the National Cyber Security Centre has said the current situation of having just three large-scale suppliers is “crazy”. The Telecoms security bill, which will be delivered in the coming weeks will, among other actions, place a legal requirement to remove Huawei, one of those suppliers (alongside Nokia and Ericsson), from our 5G networks. Without further remedy, this moves us from three to two scale suppliers in the UK market.

    On the deployment front, 5G

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  • Five steps to build an artificial intelligence strategy

    The competitive business landscape is ripe for the use of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven to set organisations apart. Yet, many are still treating AI like a sidekick: underworked and underestimated.

    An AI strategy, operating model and solid execution framework all play a vital part in ensuring that the technology works in the interests of the organisation.

    Aligned to business objectives and singular in its commitment to learning powerful automated processes to get the job done, AI has the potential to be a team’s ultimate superhero.

    1. Ensure your goals guide your corporate strategy

    During AI transformation projects, companies often make the

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