• GDPR wholly inappropriate to govern contact-tracing data

    Labour MP and chair of the Joint Committee on Human Rights, Harriet Harman, has branded the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) wholly inadequate for ensuring the security and privacy of data collected by the government’s under-test Covid-19 coronavirus contact-tracing app.

    Speaking at a virtual press conference, Harman said that even before the pandemic, the committee had taken the view that the current system of data protection in the UK was not good enough, but that this rang even more true today.

    “This is a wholly new area of data collection and therefore we need not the

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  • Portworx to add application profiles to persistent container storage

    Container persistent storage specialist Portworx plans to add application-specific profiles to its software.

    Portworx is a software-defined product that provides persistent storage capacity for applications that use Kubernetes container orchestration.

    CTO Gou Rao could not be exact about timescales but said customers could expect application profiles to be built into Portworx starting in about nine months. “In providing automated storage for Kubernetes implementations we’ve learned a lot about the application layer,” he said.

    “So, for example, with ElasticSearch the question arises how do you shard the database, how do you best provision storage for that application?”

    Rao also mentioned Kafka

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  • Focus on protecting data for AI development

    Microsoft Build took on a different feel this year because of its digital format as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. But the show was not short of news, especially in artificial intelligence (AI), privacy and responsible machine learning, which took centre stage.

    Much of the existing narrative about responsible AI focuses on high-level areas such as ethics, policy and establishing principles for the technology. These are important, but often too abstract to carry any real-world relevance or provide operational guidelines for developers.

    By contrast, Build saw a much deeper focus on the technical tools and practices to help AI

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