• Rancho Water turns tap on Extreme connectivity for critical water delivery

    Temecula, California-based community utility Rancho California Water District has expanded its relationship with networking company Extreme Networks to maintain continual uptime, control and security throughout its 100,000-acre service area.

    Rancho Water delivers high-quality water and reclamation services to 155,000 customers across 150 square miles every day, and says it prioritises safety, redundancy and reliability in its operations.

    Set up in 1965 in a one-room wooden building, the company believes that conserving and managing the area’s unique water resources are essential to the continued viability of the community.

    Rancho’s implementation of an integrated resources plan (IRP), a roadmap for long-term

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  • Identification and access management: some possible futures

    The demise of the password has been picking up speed since Bill Gates sounded its death-knell in 2004. While famed as one of the oldest security tools in the world of software and the internet, passwords are increasingly letting users down as the gatekeeper of our most valuable information.

    The weak link lays in poor password management – particularly, password fatigue. We each have a multitude of online accounts, from banking and healthcare to internet shopping and social media platforms. The average person has 40 accounts, so remembering a different password for each one is virtually impossible – so people

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  • Covid-19 will leave organisations exposed to higher cyber risks

    The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is likely to leave organisations exposed to higher risks of cyber attacks for months or years to come.

    The number of attacks against organisations grew exponentially to reach a four-month high at the end April, as the virus spread.

    But according to assessments by the World Economic Forum (WEF), hacking and phishing attacks are likely become the new norm for many companies, even as the virus infection rate begins to recede.

    Employers are most worried firstly about Covid-19 provoking a prolonged recession in the economy, and secondly a surge in bankruptcies in companies of all

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