• University of Warwick graduates to BT 5G to accelerate innovation

    Communications provider BT, the University of Warwick and Warwickshire County Council have embarked on a collaboration to bring 5G innovation and co-development to the university campus and the wider region, stimulating regional economic growth and post-Covid-19 recovery.

    The commercial 5G installation is the first phase of a strategic alliance between BT and the University of Warwick, which has more than 30,000 students and staff, to accelerate the co-creation of 5G-led capabilities within the campus and for industries across the UK.

    The installation of a public 5G cell site on University of Warwick’s main campus will represent the UK’s first dedicated

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  • Mixed blessings for robots in retail

    Ocado Group has spent almost £300m on acquiring robot technology businesses in a bid to build out robotic picking at its customer fulfilment centres.

    Through the acquisition of two North American robotic companies, Kindred Systems and Haddington Dynamics, Ocado hopes to make a step-change in advancing robotic manipulation capabilities. 

    The company, which recently became the home delivery partner for Marks & Spencer, believes existing industrial robotics is ill-suited to manage the complexity of the grocery domain. It said that in the context of retail, successful robotics needs to match the perception, cognition and dexterity of humans in order to

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  • GDPR lawsuit against Oracle and Salesforce moves forward

    The data processing policies and practices of two of the world’s largest software companies, Salesforce and Oracle, will come under scrutiny in the High Court of England and Wales in the biggest digital privacy class action lawsuit ever filed.

    The suit, filed by privacy campaigner and data protection specialist Rebecca Rumbul, is seeking damages that have been estimated in excess of £10bn, which could conceivably lead to awards of £500 for every internet user in the UK. A parallel suit in the Netherlands backed by a Dutch group called The Privacy Collective Foundation could take the total damages to more

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