• Balancing job retention with automation

    During the Forrester Technology &  Innovation online summit, the analyst firm discussed the negative aspects of government furlough schemes to keep staff employed.

    While it is clearly beneficial for people to receive their salary, or part of it, while businesses are closed due to lockdown restrictions, Forrester warned that such schemes prevent companies from taking the drastic measures needed to reinvent themselves.

    Dan Bieler, principal analyst at Forrester, said that while governments intervene with recovery funds to help businesses keep their current workforce intact, “what are their incentives to automate?” In effect, he said, furlough schemes encourage businesses to operate

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  • NHS warned over Ryuk spreading through Trickbot replacements

    In the wake of a series of attacks on US healthcare targets, NHS Digital has warned UK health service organisations to be on the alert after clocking a significant rise in usage of various loaders, including Bazar and Buer, almost certainly a result of the Microsoft-led takedown of the Trickbot trojan-turned-botnet in October 2020.

    Bazar, a modular toolset designed by Trickbot’s operators, Wizard Spider, incorporates much of the same functionality as Trickbot, while Buer, first observed in 2019, is sold as a cheaper alternative malware-as-a-service dropper.

    NHS Digital said it assessed that Bazar in particular is now

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