• Mobile is failing over two-thirds of frontline workers

    As Covid-19 continues to affect countries across the globe, two-thirds of frontline workers are experiencing mobile issues each month that impair their ability to do their jobs – a rise of 16% compared with the same time last year, according to research from B2M Solutions.

    For its third Annual state of enterprise mobility survey, the enterprise software tools provider surveyed 1,505 companies across the US and Canada (33%), the UK (33%), France, Italy, Germany and Spain (33%) using an independent market researcher, in September 2020.

    The provider screened the pool of survey respondents to ensure they depended on a

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  • French bank Crédit Agricole backs immersion cooling for datacentre scale-up push

    French bank Crédit Agricole is pressing ahead with plans to deploy multiple Asperitas immersion cooling modules in two of its datacentres, following the completion of a successful two-year pilot project.

    The Asperitas modules, dubbed AIC24, encase the datacentre servers which are immersed in a cooling liquid created by oil and gas giant Shell to provide direct cooling to the hardware. The heat generated by the equipment passes into the cooling liquid and is transported away using the principles of natural convection.

    The bank started trialling the technology in 2018 at its largest server farm facility, known as Greenfield, which

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  • Good value for many use cases

    Over the last few years, much of the enterprise storage market has focused on flash technology, but the hard disk drive (HDD) format has plenty of life in it yet.

    It is true that flash storage offers dramatic performance improvements over conventional hard disk drives. And flash memory drives have fallen in price and grown in capacity. Gartner, for example, expects prices to fall between 10% and 15% this year.

    Meanwhile, newer flash implementations have helped boost SSD use. This includes NVMe flash, which connects to the host CPU over the PCI Express bus and provides higher read-write

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