• Norway has lowest physical cash use in the world, says report

    The use of cash in Norway has plummeted during the Covid-19 pandemic, and its central bank believes cash is used less as a proportion of total spending than in any other country.

    A survey from Norges Bank has revealed that less than 4% of spending in the country was made using cash in the autumn months this year.

    “Only 4% of payments are now made using cash,” said Ida Wolden Bache, executive director for monetary policy at Norges Bank. “This share is approximately the same as in spring, and considerably lower than before the pandemic.”

    Norway and fellow Nordic country

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  • National data strategy not tied to EU trade deal

    John Whittingdale, minister of state for media and data at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) told today’s Open Data Summit that the imminent “national data strategy” will fuel economic growth after Brexit and the Covid-19 health pandemic.

    Whittingdale described the strategy as a “broad framework” that invites input from companies, organisations and individuals interested in data use to stoke the economy. He invited input up to the deadline of 2 December, and said the strategy itself would be published “in due course”.

    The DCMS originally published guidance for the strategy in July 2019 – when Theresa

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  • Intel and AMD processors affected by another side-channel exploit

    While Spectre and Meltdown may be long forgotten, a microprocessor flaw using a side-channel attack, dubbed Platypus, is again haunting Intel and AMD.

    An international team of security researchers has found that fluctuations in software power consumption can be exploited to access sensitive data on Intel processors.

    The researchers describe power side-channel attacks as attacks that exploit fluctuations in power consumption to extract sensitive data such as cryptographic keys.

    In the past, attacks trying to exploit power measurements were not particularly accurate or effective, as they required physical access to the target device and special measurement tools such as an

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