• Huawei claims £3.3bn contribution to UK economy

    In the latest part of its ongoing campaign to fight back against having to remove its communications solutions from UK infrastructure, Huawei has released the findings of a report from business analysts Oxford Economics.

    According to the report, Huawei is responsible for a £3.3bn contribution to GDP and supports 51,000 jobs through its economic activity.

    Hanging over the report is the decision in July 2020 by the UK government to commit to a timetable for the removal of Huawei equipment from the country’s growing 5G communications infrastructure by 2027 – effectively a huge U-turn to the decision it took only

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  • HMRC warns over uptick in Self Assessment tax scams

    HMRC has issued a warning to those who file Self Assessment tax returns as the annual return deadline of 31 January nears, saying that cyber criminals are taking advantage of its reminder SMS messages and emails to trick taxpayers out of their money.

    Fraudsters frequently exploit HMRC branding in scams, and in the past 12 months alone, the department has dealt with almost 850,000 referrals of suspicious HMRC contact from the public and had over 15,500 malicious web pages taken down by internet service providers.

    Many of the scams purport to be information about a tax rebate or refund

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  • Kaspersky shuts down data-processing activities in Russia

    Kaspersky has reached a major milestone in its ongoing Global Transparency Initiative (GTI) as it completes the full relocation of its data storage and processing activities from Russia to Switzerland in the culmination of a three year-process.

    The cyber security kingpin, which was established in Moscow in 1997, set up its GTI programme in 2017 as it faced down a ban on the use of its software in US government systems, and allegations that malicious actors had used its antivirus software to search for classified material.

    It said the programme aimed to “pioneer a new approach for the

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