• Broadband access drives New Zealand remote working to be permanent fixture

    Research by New Zealand telecommunications infrastructure provider Chorus has revealed that even though the country has been an exemplar in how to deal with a pandemic, Covid-19 has pushed New Zealanders to do more online – and the changes are sticking. 

    The broadband behavioural survey, conducted by Venture Insights, an ANZ telco and media research and consulting company, was commissioned by Chorus in October 2020 as a follow-up to a previous survey conducted in April 2020. The aim of both surveys was to determine how Covid-19 has changed online behaviours and which of these behaviours are continuing as New Zealand

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  • UK broadband industry ‘confused’ by government funding claims

    The UK government’s Spending Review on 25 November has cast a pall over many industries in terms of future cutbacks, but in making its announcement, the government called out broadband and mobile infrastructure as areas of added investment going forward.

    But as the dust settles, trade bodies and service suppliers in the communications industry have expressed concern that the review has basically repeated previous commitments and actually given notice of forthcoming cuts.

    As he announced the Spending Review, chancellor Rishi Sunak promised to build a “stronger future” and transform the country’s infrastructure. With public borrowing having increased to £372bn during

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  • Scottish government unveils strategy for digital planning

    The Scottish government has published a strategy document describing its plans to digitise the country’s planning system.

    Transforming places together: Scotland’s digital strategy for planning outlined what Kevin Stewart, minister for local government, housing and planning, called a “framework for long-lasting change and improvement, putting data and technology at the heart of a planning system designed for the future” in the report’s foreword.

    The 92-page document is informed by the Covid-19 pandemic in the sense that it has “sharpened our focus on the importance of our places and links to health and wellbeing”, and announced a five-year plan of

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  • Three cyber criminals arrested in Nigerian BEC investigation

    Nigerian police have arrested three suspects in Lagos believed to be members of a major organised crime group responsible for phishing and malware campaigns, and business email compromise (BEC) scams, following a joint investigation with Interpol and cyber security company Group-IB.

    The gang allegedly developed phishing links, domains and mass mailing campaigns in which they posed as members of various legitimate organisations with lures including purchase orders, product enquiries, and Covid-19 assistance. Their victims were compromised with a wide variety of malware, remote access trojans (Rats) and spyware, among them AgentTesla, Loki, Azorult, Spartan, nanocore and Remcos, which

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