• CIO interview: Simon Bateman, Allica Bank

    The UK-wide Covid-19 lockdown in March did not stop challenger bank Allica from launching new services, as the bank’s CIO, Simon Bateman, explains: “When Boris [Johnson] said we had to work from home, we had 60 staff work remotely. We did our first deposit launch and wrote our first commercial loan during lockdown. We have had a considerable amount of inquiries and seen growth in the loan book during lockdown.”

    Bateman has a background in retail banking. His most recent post before Allica Bank was as CIO at Harrods Bank and he has worked as IT head at Aldermore Bank,

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  • Lords propose making tech giants pay for using news

    The UK government should introduce a compulsory “news bargaining code” to force digital platforms to pay news publishers for the right to use their content, says the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee.

    In the committee’s report Breaking news? The future of UK journalism, published on 27 November, the peers said there was a “fundamental imbalance of power” between publishers and digital platforms, specifically Google and Facebook, as their dominant market positions meant they could stipulate the terms on which publishers’ content is used.

    “This includes whether and how much they pay for news appearing on their platform,

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