Revenue down 1{58f6934aaade06707019926440dfa712bbfbfbd04aa941537bc275d79e773259}, cloud growth up 17{58f6934aaade06707019926440dfa712bbfbfbd04aa941537bc275d79e773259}

SAP has announced full-year financial results indicating a 1{58f6934aaade06707019926440dfa712bbfbfbd04aa941537bc275d79e773259} drop in revenue to €27.338bn, with cloud revenue up 17{58f6934aaade06707019926440dfa712bbfbfbd04aa941537bc275d79e773259} to €8.085bn.

It did so two days after announcing a new “business transformation” service, Rise with SAP, which bundles managed cloud infrastructure and managed services into one contract, and has 130 pilot customers.

SAP’s flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, S/4Hana, now has 16,000 customers, according to the financial results statement.

It said around “900 SAP S/4Hana customers were added in the [fourth] quarter, taking total adoption to approximately 16,000 customers, up 16{58f6934aaade06707019926440dfa712bbfbfbd04aa941537bc275d79e773259} year over year, of which more

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Brits who fuelled ‘vicious’ conspiracy theory by Trump supporters

Reporting by Computer Weekly was “vitally important” in ending three years of “damaging falsehoods” that targeted the family of Seth Rich, a Democratic Party employee murdered during the 2016 presidential election, according to a top Washington attorney. The false allegations were used to deflect from Russia’s role in backing Donald Trump.

Speaking to Computer Weekly this month, lawyer Mike Gottlieb said Computer Weekly’s previous reporting “played a critical role in documenting the evolution of the false allegations made against Rich and his family”. Gottlieb did not comment on the settlement made in January by Texan wealth fund manager, Edward Butowsky.

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Biometrics ethics group addresses public-private use of facial recognition

A publicly accessible record on the collaborative uses of live facial recognition (LFR) should be created to reduce the secrecy around public-private partnerships, says an advisory body to the Home Office.

The Biometric and Forensic Ethics Group (BFEG) – an advisory, non-departmental public body sponsored by the Home Office that has a remit to focus on the ethical aspects of technologies that produce biometric data and identifiers – has outlined a number of issues that should be addressed before public-private collaborations in the use of LFR.

The publication of a briefing note in January 2020 follows a nearly year-long evidence-gathering

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Hunting and anti-hunting groups locked in tit-for-tat row over data gathering

Longstanding disagreements between hunting groups and anti-hunting activists have broken out into allegations of illegal data gathering from both sides.

Activists claim that two leaked internal documents created by pro-hunting groups suggest they are collecting and holding personal information on hunt saboteurs – activists that use sabotage as a form of direct action to stop illegal fox hunting – and further suggest the data is being shared with counter-terror police.

The saboteurs have accused the hunting groups of illegally collecting their personal information and are now seeking to instigate multiple claims under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

However, there

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Dell, SK Telecom, VMware bring 5G edge to enterprises

Dell Technologies, VMware and SK Telecom have entered a collaboration on an integrated multi-access edge computing system, providing what they say will be more secure and reliable access to data at edge locations.

Explaining the rationale for their partnership, which sees the creation of the OneBox MEC (mobile edge computing) platform, the companies cite a recent STL Partners study that they commissioned along with chip firm Intel which found that 40{58f6934aaade06707019926440dfa712bbfbfbd04aa941537bc275d79e773259} of the enterprises surveyed had issues with the latency of their current networking systems.

For in-hospital patient monitoring systems, 61{58f6934aaade06707019926440dfa712bbfbfbd04aa941537bc275d79e773259} of those surveyed said they experienced performance issues, and

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Wi-Fi Alliance advances support for Wi-Fi 6E ecosystem

The Wi-Fi Alliance, the wireless industry trade organisation that exists to promote wireless technologies and interoperability throughout its ecosystem, has enhanced what will be the key wireless standard in the 6 GHz frequency band to boost innovation and foster ecosystem growth for Wi-Fi 6E.

In April 2020 consumer electronics trade and communications spectrum bodies, wireless broadband trade associations, and portable device manufacturers applauded US regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for voting to make 1,200 megahertz of spectrum available for unlicensed Wi-Fi use in the 6 GHz band, effectively ushering in the age of Wi-Fi 6E.

The new standard could

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