• Top 10 technology and ethics stories of 2020

    The year 2020 has been shaped by the global pandemic and international outcry over institutional racism and white supremacy.

    A number of technology companies, for example, came under sustained scrutiny for their ties to law enforcement and how, despite their proclamations of using “tech for good”, their products are used to further entrench racist policing practices. 

    Facial recognition was another major focus of Computer Weekly’s 2020 coverage. On the one hand, police use of the technology in south Wales has been found unlawful, while on the other, both public and private sector bodies are racing to develop facial recognition that

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  • Top 10 investigations and national security stories of 2020

    Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 investigations and national security stories of 2020.

    1. Cyber gangsters demand payment from Travelex after ‘Sodinokibi’ attack

    Computer Weekly was the first publication to break the story of a devastating ransomware attack against Travelex.

    The Sodinokibi cyber crime group demanded a six-figure ransom from the company to decrypt critical computer files needed to run the business.

    People familiar with the attack told Computer Weekly that computers containing confidential information, including names of clients and bank account and transaction details, had been infected by the Sodinokibi malware.

    The article raised questions about the security

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